About Sg Petani Terapi and procedures applied

Located in Bandar Laguna Merbok, Sg Petani, Kedah Darulaman. Established in 2015 and has been served and treated for few hundred patients since then. Variety of people, cultures, races and demographics paid their visits here. Our patients mainly encountered with blood problems, high sugar level in blood, manhood dysfunction/poor performance, high cholesterol/uric acid level, restricted respiratory system, kids with poor concentration level in classroom, pain/uneasy on various body’s parts etc. 
Sg Petani Terapi is one stop service center for human’s organs. The procedures applied here consider safe, easy, worthy and proven efficient treatment. Chemicals free treatment and we promote varieties of local herbs.The procedure is to stimulate your self healing mechanism for each individual organ system. Our body’s systems comprised of blood system, oxygen, water, nutrition and lymph system. All these systems need to operates and works in good manner thus you’ll feel fresh, comport, energetic and efficient whole day long. Your productivity also increased.
The procedure considered safe because the method applied by massage (urut) which is known as external stimulation. Internal stimulation by herbs tea ( 3 types & optional) after complete procedures. These herbs tea you’ll never found in open market.